Five Ways the 2017 Cadillac CTS Curates the Luxury and Performance You Deserve

In recent years, Cadillac has been reminding shoppers more than ever that you don’t need an imported model to enjoy a synergy of luxury and performance that’s actually exciting. Case-in-point, the 2017 CTS--a midsize executive sedan that matches its German rivals. Called “world class” by some reviewers, you might find more than five reasons to give it a test drive.

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Cadillac, Global Citizen Join Forces To Tackle Wicked Problems With Music


Cadillac and Global have partnered in an effort to solve some of the more pressing issues of our day. Issues that face us globally, can, Cadillac believes, be solved through ingenious social entrepreneurship. Accordingly, the car company has teamed up with Global Citizen and the two organizations have created the "Accelerator Series.


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Locate Quality in a Pre-owned Cadillac near Oklahoma City

For the Oklahoma drivers looking to save money on a pre-owned vehicle, look no further than the selection of used cars, trucks, and SUVs at the Bob Moore Cadillac dealership at our two locations in

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Apple Users Rejoice: myCadillac Mobile App For iOS Now Integrated with Apple Watch


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All Cadillac owners who use the myCadillac iOS app for iPhone will be happy to learn that the Apple watch will now also be integrated with the app. You can now do some of the following things with your apple watch, when synched to your myCadillac app:


  • Activate and cancel horn and lights
  • Walking directions to vehicle
  • Luck and unlock doors
  • Vehicle locate
  • Remote start and stop



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CADILLAC Takes a Step into the Future

CADILLAC has introduced Super Cruise to the world; with this system, highway driving can be done entirely hands-free and autonomously. The system does not accommodate city driving, and contains safety features to make sure the driver is still paying attention while the car is in control. Super Cruise puts CADILLAC in the front of the race towards entirely autonomous vehicles.

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